What are PC Gamers waiting for in 2014?

There is no doubt that each year is filled with really good games being released with most of them anticipated for some time before their release. There is however the chance of placing too much hope in one game or another and ending up quite disappointed. This was surely the example with the now famous flop Duke Nukem 4ever. Gamers waited for the game’s release for a long time only to be bitterly disappointed with what they eventually got. Game companies now tend to follow through on their promises of quality in order not to get the same disappointed response. Significantly disappointing gamers with one game can make it very hard to sell the next and with the budgets now allocated to games that could prove fatal.

The game that has the most to worry about is Watch Dogs. Expected in May the game has been talked about since 2012 with higher and higher expectations being built up by players. The game is to be a real revolution, or so it is being promoted by the developers. The gameplay will revolve mostly around a hack ‘n slash motif involving both characters and the environment that they live in. This is something that hasn’t been seen before, though vaguely used in the Batman series and such games. All gameplay video teasers suggest great graphics, optimized for the new console generation and an action packed game to keep you thrilled. The multiplayer concept offers the possibility of participating unknowingly in another player’s game, which is really something new.

GTA 5 for the PC is one of the most anticipated releases coming up for PC Gamers. Many console fans are starting to forget what GTA V was about, while in the meantime PC gamers are really impatient for the release. This release might turn out to be crucial in the success or failure of developers Rockstar with the franchise potentially in trouble if the game does not offer something completely new. A new version of the multiplayer version would be enough to keep fans satisfied if designed and developed as it should be.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is being waited for impatiently by both existing fans of the franchise as well as gamers who have not played any of the other installments. With the decline of RPGs in recent years Dragon Age was one of the few shining examples on the scene and the second part was nothing short of a disaster. At this point RPG fans are wondering whether this game could turn out to be real competition to Skyrim or it falter under the pressure of RPG fans’ expectations.