PC or console?

Since the point where consoles became as powerful as computers there has been impassioned discussion on which platform gaming is better – on a PC or console. Actually using the experssion ‘computer games’ for consoles is incorrect as they are ‘video games’ when played on consoles. In time games tend to be available across all of the major platforms but the discussion is far from over. PC gaming does have some advantages however and here are some of them.

The main argument of the gamers using PCs, some going as far as calling themselves the ‘Glorious PC Master Race’, is the superiority of the graphics. Since computers are upgradable they have a virtually endless capability to upgrade graphic performance as technology progresses. Of course this is a luxury that not all can afford, but keeping in mind the prices of the newly issued consoles, upgrading a computer you already own to match the hardware of the latest console will almost certainly be far cheaper, and you can do it incrementally. Also, settings can be adjusted, allowing the player to optimize his own experience.

A serious argument against consoles is modding. It is practically impossible to install a mod or create one for an Xbox or Playstation game. The user has almost no flexibility when it comes to that and the best he can hope for is some downloadable content or upgrades published by the developer. Which usually does nothing to change the game, and only enhances some parts of it and adds a few more weapons and suits for example.

The main point is that computers now have all the same gaming hardware capabilities of consoles with some additional advantages. A strong point for consoles for a long time was the fact that they were connected to and played on a TV, which is usually much bigger than a PC monitor. You can now easily do the same thing with your PC. It uses the same hdmi connection to the TV, supports both joysticks and keyboard with a mouse along with many other things.

One of the most important advantages of a PC is also that games like RTS and some shooters are unplayable on consoles. A joystick is no match for an ultra-sensitive, high resolution mouse when playing a shooter.

Consoles have been trying for some time to adopt some of the capabilities of a computer, but they are nowhere near the point of being able to reproduce the same OS capabilities when it comes to options. Sure you can now put a DVD in or use some internet features but this is as far as it goes.